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At IEN, we do not take the standard approach to employee benefit advising. Our goal as consultants is to educate, provide strategy, and manage the many risks of an employee benefit plan for a plan sponsor and their members. Guiding middle market business on how to control cost and drive transparency in healthcare is our specialty. Achieving such success begins with employee education and the value-added services our firm provides through experienced advisors and on-staff medical clinicians.

What separates IEN from the competition is our experienced advisors and on-staff medical clinicians. These on-staff medical clinicians are experts in their field and help bring a different perspective for us as healthcare navigators when we are customizing a plan that is right for your business. At IEN, we are big enough to handle any company and help customize each plan to fit your business, but we are small enough to care about every part of your business and provide that one on one support that every business deserves.

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