Medicare is a national social insurance program which began in 1966. This entitlement program guarantees Americans health insurance coverage upon turning age 65 and who have worked and paid into the Medicare system or younger adults under age 65 who have or qualify for certain disabilities.

Medicare Part A is the coverage for hospitalization and Medicare Part B is coverage for physician services. In 2003, under George W. Bush the Medicare Modernization Act was passed making way for two further parts of Medicare to be established. Part C which is often referred to as Medicare Advantage and administered by private health insurance carriers as well as Part D which covers prescription medications for those on Medicare.

As an independent insurance agency, Insurance Exchange Navigators is licensed to market several different plans such as traditional Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage, and Prescription Part D plans. Most of our consultants have over a decade of experience with assisting client decision making while choosing a Medicare option in Ohio and some other states. The national Medicare open enrollment period begins each October 1st thru December 7th annually. At this time, Medicare recipients have the option to shop and choose a new Medicare option if necessary. Such changes will then take place January 1st of the immediate calendar year.

Under strict federal guidelines, our consultants may not contact or solicit anyone who has not first given written permission or has contact our staff first. If perhaps a consultation is requested, please contact one of our local offices found on our About Us page of this website.

For further information regarding Medicare or independent fact finding for plans and options in your area, please visit Our staff is always available for answering questions you may have.