Case Studies

IEN Risk Management
Current Rates
Previous Broker
Predicted Rates at a 5% conservative increase

This client had previously been with an association of over 75 different organizations. With our cost savings strategies we have helped save them over $1 million in just 5 years using a conservative 5% increase to show the cost savings. 

A company with only 30 employees saved nearly $100,000 in a single year with our cost savings strategies.

Savings in one year
$ .00
Refund Check

As our clients become more aware of the quality outcomes, they make better choices with their care. Better care can lead to lower costs and in one year we rewarded this group with a refund check of $138,000 because of there good decisions for care.

At IEN we take a data driven approach to our clients and use proven strategies to help cut costs while improving benefits. So many organizations are satisfied with their renewal and never ask questions and in doing so they are costing their businesses thousands of dollars per year to their bottom line. We look forward to finding the right strategy for you.