In the healthcare marketplace, rising costs and increased instability has led to many employers considering self-funding as a solution to provide a quality healthcare plan and benefits for their workers and dependents. This allows for greater cost containment opportunities giving organizations customized plan coverage featuring the best options to meet the specific needs of their workforce. In most cases, self-funding is the solution for companies with strong balance sheets, stable workforces, and executive leadership teams that are looking for ways to proactively manage their insurance costs.

Self-funding can provide many advantages and at IEN we believe we can bring savings to your healthcare plan as well as great benefits. To ensure that this plan is right for you, the members of our team can sit down and gather all of the information from your company as well as identify the risks to help tailor a plan that fits perfect for your business. As a company, IEN is big enough to handle any healthcare plan but we’re also small enough to understand the needs of each company and help create a plan that will work for you and your business.