Your Employees Deserve More

Creating strategies that are customized to fit every business.

Are you currently making informed decisions when it comes to healthcare coverage under your employee benefits program? Don’t worry because most are not, and it is exactly what hospitals and insurance companies are hoping for. 

As anything else your company purchases like material and equipment, we are certain you have great amounts of information on items such as cost, quality, and service driving your decision making. The healthcare industry likes to hide most of this from plan sponsors and employees in order to drive their own profitability, self-interests, and M&A activity.  (Don’t believe us?  Ask yourself how healthcare is now nearly 20% of our nation’s GDP, hospital expansion has exponentially grown since the Affordable Care Act, and why exactly are stock prices of pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, and insurance carriers at their highest share price and earnings levels in their overall history?) 

So how did we get here?  And why has the business community allowed it?  The healthcare industry is hoping you choose not to demand an explanation.  Their high ride to the top is soon coming to an end and it starts with data and informed decision making.  If your broker or agent tells you otherwise, or refuses to open the door to transparency then show them immediately to the door.  

At IEN, as employee benefits consultants, we use data to make informed decisions every day in an effort to drive transparency, higher quality outcomes, and a healthier workforce both physically and financially.  The nation’s wealth transfer from the pocketbooks of hard-working middle-class employees to hospitals and insurance companies will begin to decrease with informed decision making at a grassroots level.   

What separates IEN from the rest of their field is our team of experienced advisors and on-staff medical clinicians. Our advisors share a combined 60+ years of experience in employee benefits consulting while our nurses are experts in their field helping bring a clinical perspective to the front lines as healthcare navigators when we are customizing a plan for your business and its employees.

As benefits consultants our focus is about you and how we can change the healthcare purchasing model going forward.